Using the iOgrapher to Create Great Video in the Classroom

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Using the iOgrapher to Create Great Video in the Classroom

It happens all the time. We send out kids out to create videos for class projects and the content is there but the quality? This is especially true when using iPads. My friend Holly Clark calls this the Blair Witch Effect. You get seasick watching your students’ videos as they move around and can’t hold the iPad still. That’s where a simple device called iOgrapher comes in-to turn your students into professional videographers for under $100.

I first met Dave Basulto at CUE almost four years ago (wow time flies). He was there as an exhibitor with this ingenious product-a handheld plastic case for the iPad that fit onto a tripod. It was called iOgrapher. A tripod is as we know, every videographer’s best friend. My kids are not allowed to shoot without one. Dave packaged the iOgrapher in a bright orange case complete with a light, microphone and two lenses (telephoto and wide angle) all for an amazing price. I tried to buy the one off the showroom floor and they wouldn’t let me.

Soon I would arrive at Mater Dei where I was part of the new film and television department. We had cameras, but they were heavy and awkward, and I wanted my students to use their iPads for most of the everyday stuff. Dave came out to demo all his toys, share his knowledge of student broadcasting and in the end, I think the school bought around six kits for different departments. Ours bought three and this year I added five more cases. My students love them.

So how does this impact the classroom? All students can make videos with their devices, even good ones. But to create professional looking video (remember iPads can shoot in 1080) this is the ticket. If you can afford to pair it with a dynamic app like Filmic Pro and Switcher Studio, your students will be winning film festivals in no time. If you want to wow them even more, cover one of your walls with bright green fadeless paper or fabric and you have an instant green screen. The projects are endless.

As a teacher, there is nothing more frustrating than having an exceptionally talented and eager student and not being able to provide the tools for them to explore their talent. The iOgrapher allows the students to create professional looking video. Since we met that year at CUE, I have stayed in contact with Dave, seeing him at conventions and learning from his knowledge and experience. Besides being a great resource, he is a heck of a nice guy. And kudos to Amelia who always gets me my shipments in record time.

I can recommend dozens of apps. I can talk about Google all day. It is rare that I find a product that actually transforms my classroom that I can endorse 100%. Visit the website  for more info on the products Dave has available. He also has a YouTube Channel with plenty of how to videos.

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