Sketch 50 Challenge

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Sketch 50 Challenge

I have not embraced the sketchnoting craze. I’ve tried and failed miserably. Keep in mind that I taught art for several years, and consider myself a fairly decent artist on several levels. However even armed with an iPad Pro and pencil I have been unable to successfully draw anything on my device that would even remotely be considered art. Oh, I’ve met Sylvia Duckworth, I own her book, and attended her presentations at ISTE 2016. I downloaded ProCreate and followed her instructions. Still no success. So I decided this was just not my thing. I was meant to draw and take notes with an actual pencil and paper. We can’t be successful at everything we try, right? I’ve been trying to master the piano for years unsuccessfully and I’m okay with that.

Then came the Sketch 50 Challenge from Why I thought I could tackle this is beyond me. I was going to be in Australia for a good part of it and my husband is in the hospital. Well guess what? I did it. Quite successfully actually. And I even animated some of my drawings with the DoInk Animation app, another thorn in my side. Then I went one step further and put all my drawings in Book Creator and made them into a YouTube video. Even got not one but TWO positive comments from complete strangers.

What was different this time? For one thing I was not trying to create art in an hour while absorbing while listening to a great speaker. I did the challenge every night before I went to bed and found it rather relaxing. Second, I finally found the perfect drawing app for ME in Adobe Sketch. Should have known Adobe would have the solution. And lastly, I am not ashamed to say I traced and copied. Oh, and I started small and then got more daring with each challenge.

Now I am not going to call myself the next Sylvia Duckworth or JoAnn Fox. And I am not going to be sketchnoting every keynote at ISTE 2017. But I am going to start creating some inspirational quotes for I don’t know, whoever cares to view them. And that is okay with me.

The lesson I learned is with this challenge is that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Some people like iPads, some Chromebooks, some (sigh) Android tablets, or plain old pencil and paper. This is why we have to be flexible with our students. This is why BYOD is not the evil that administrators fear. It’s about giving the students a choice. It’s about letting students (and teachers) find what works for them to be successful and letting them use it. It’s about letting students work at their own pace. I could go on.

It’s also about not giving up and embracing a challenge.

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