Product Review: Activeon Gold Action Camera

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Product Review: Activeon Gold Action Camera

Wait-isn’t this blog about education? Yes, in this post I will be educating you on a great deal. Since I returned from CAGTI 17 I have been wanting a 360 camera or a GoPro. Both would be ideal. But the great people at The Douglas Stewart Company, along with my BFF’s at iOgrapher sent me an Activeon Gold Action camera along with iOgrapher accessories, as a thank you for appearing in their webinar. I think all teachers should have as many video tools as they can get their hands on for not only their student’s but to capture the pure joy of teaching. I can now capture action footage, including underwater, for all my students to enjoy and learn from. If only I had had thisĀ  in Australia!

First let’s talk about the price point-$99.99. You cannot buy a GoPro for this much. The Activeon also uses all the same accessories as the GoPro and you can purchase a whole set of accessories on Amazon for around $20. There is an app you can use to control the camera with your phone (that’s my daughter and tech consultant in the video) and the camera is easy to set up just like the GoPro. The picture is awesome and would be more stable had I been a little steadier on my bicycle and Hoverboard. I have not used it underwater yet, but I will probably try it out with the iOgrapher in the next couple of days. I was going to try it out this week at the pool in Palm Springs until I flipped my inner tube, hitting my head and ankle. Now that would have been great to get on film!

I would love to give you more technical info but really I am a point and shoot kind of gal. What works for me is 1) Ease of use-this gets a 10/10; 2) Price 10/10 and of course 3) Image quality 10/10.

Here is my test video: Activeon Gold CX

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