We’re Live in 5, 4, 3, 2 New and Improved Website!

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We’re Live in 5, 4, 3, 2 New and Improved Website!

After much work I am ready to officially launch my new website created by the one and only Briana O’Hern (aka my daughter). I am so proud of her and her accomplishments. She is so smart and put in a lot of time to set this up for me in time for the latest Google Innovator deadline. My video and vision deck are submitted and the only disadvantage to getting it done early is that I now have a longer wait to find out if I make the Washington D.C. cohort.

I have so many other plans for the summer. ISTE in San Antonio, EdTech Team‘s Master Class World Tour in Chicago, and hopefully launching some online workshops in Hyperdocs and Google Classroom. And let’s just add a possible move and having to sell half of my belongings to prepare to move. The reality is that I am overwhelmed, but that is the life of a teacher.

The wonderful thing about launching this new site is that I feel I have reached the next level in my professional career. Briana has shown me how to optimize my website, build a following an possibly make money off of it. I am confused how it all works all I know is that I am now committed to writing one blog post a week. Most of these will be on Google, education and life altering situations. My husband suffered a stroke in March, and on top of having Parkinson’s Disease, my life is switching direction…again.

I don’t mind occasionally sharing the challenges I have faced throughout my career. Chances are that someone else who reads this is going through the same things and can relate. Change and challenge are a part of life and shape us as human beings, hopefully for the better.

My focus on this blog is to address challenges we face today in education (other than our current Secretary of Education) and how they relate to us as teachers, administrators, wives, mothers, and in my case, caregiver. How do we face these challenges and bring about a positive change in education and in our own personal lives? How do we move forward with the class half full and not half empty? They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have many friends who are so strong and haven’t let life’s heartbreak and challenges kill them either physically or in spirit. I am hoping this new website gives me energy and purpose. And I hope it does for everyone who reads it even if it’s just from one post.

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