Lesson Designing vs. Lesson Planning-Hyperdocs is the Answer!

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Lesson Designing vs. Lesson Planning-Hyperdocs is the Answer!

The hot topic of the summer is Hyperdocs. The book published by EdTechTeam and written by Lisa Highfill, Sarah Landis, and Kelly Hilton is a hit as is their website Hyperdocs.co. I must give a shout out to Holly Clark who is an Educational Strategist for EdTechTeam and in charge of publishing. She’s promoting the hell out of the book for good reason-we need to change the way we approach teaching.

I’m a big fan of Hyperdocs. I have used PlanbookEdu for years and love it. But I was looking for a simplified way to create my lessons in an all in one document, something…I don’t know. I was just tired of copying the same info week after week and doing the same thing over and over. Objective, Method, Assessment repeat. I also dislike lecturing. I put myself to sleep and my sense of humor seems to be over my students’ heads.

In addition I had to create a new curriculum for my classes and couldn’t find a textbook that covered what I needed. Or it covered too much and I didn’t want to have students spend $60 on a book in which we only used three chapters. So I thought to myself “I’Il just pull resources and put them all in an iBook”. Enter The Hyperdoc Handbook.

After reading the book and going on the website I had the “aha moment.” I could put a whole unit in Google Slides. Or one lesson in a Google Doc. Then I could just put the link in PlanbookEdu, distribute and assign the unit in Google Classroom, and be done! The goal is to gradually put all the units in an iBook. For now I am just building the units.

Hyperdocs allows me to put my students in charge of their own learning. I realized that by using this method I can reach all types of learners. I can have students collaborate on their note taking, helping those who struggle with writing and comprehension. I can offer CHOICE on how they want to present their project and demonstrate what they have learned. Hopefully this will peak their interest and make the class (Intro to Media Production) something they are excited about and hopefully want to take more of  our classes.

I should mention that our school is building a new program, Film and Media Arts. We need to draw students to our program. We have a new team of teachers and even new equipment. I want students to get excited about the program. Last year was our first year and there was a lot of upheaval with staff changes, equipment failures, and disorganization. With some new leadership and teachers we have literally demolished (seriously, the old modular is gone) the old and are building from the ground up. I want to be proud of this program and grow it so it becomes one that is nationally respected and known. I want my students to produce a quality product in their daily news show.

That being said I want to start of the year with a new way of delivering instruction. Hyperdocs provides me that opportunity. The Twitter community is awesome too, they had a great book study over the summer. Lesson planning during the summer has suddenly become fun again. I am a creative person. I am no longer lesson planning, I am lesson designing.

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