ISTE Recap

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ISTE Recap

The best thing about ISTE (or any conference in my opinion) is connecting with other educators. So far I have seen Doug Robertson, my hero Alice Keeler, Matt Miller, Sylvia Duckworth, and Adam Bellow. All awesome, all passionate about changing education. Adam Bellow did his Gizmos and Gadgets session and I can’t believe I came out and did not buy anything (the day is young). I love the way teachers are connecting and sharing. I need to reflect on the changes I am going to make in my classroom next year. Definitely no lecturing. No textbook-just collected resources in iBooks Author. More collaboration and projects. Way more formative assessment. The list goes on.

I am trying to get into sketch noting. I taught art for several years and still fail. But Sylvia has promised to save me. I feel that I need to do this to provide these notes for my students. I think it would help them visualize what we doing. That will be my focus today.

Yesterday I had an awesome time just socializing. The CUE mixer was great, and kicking off with Adam Bellows session was just what I needed. However I have one complaint. The Convention Center is freezing!

Hyperdocs is also something I learned about and I have already started. Seriously, I’m addicted. Join us for the #hyperdoc chat on Twitter Tuesdays, 4pm PST. Oh and make sure you but the The Hyperdoc Handbook!File_000

It’s been a week and I think the sketchnoting thing is finally starting to sink in. I’ve created 3 that don’t suck. All are for my unit hyperdocs for my Intro to Media Production class. Now I need to create one for the gallery.


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