ISTE 2017 Reflections

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ISTE 2017 Reflections

There are so many things you can say about the ISTE experience. For one, it is completely overwhelming. From meeting celebrity educators like Alice Keeler, inspiring keynotes from the likes of Jennie Magiera, to the new and innovative teaching techniques and tools. This year was better than last at least for me for a number of reasons. Let’s start with the location. San Antonio has one of the nicest convention centers I have ever been in. My hotel was right across the street on the beautiful Riverwalk which was an added bonus. ¬†Lastly, I got to see Adam Bellow and Kathy Schrock in the lobby at Starbucks everyday. ¬†Enough said.

Second, I have never been as inspired by a keynote as I was with the one given by Jennie Magiera. I knew it would be good as I have seen her speak before. However, this was just mind blowing. When she talked about her personal life and everyone’s ISTE story I lost it. Tears flowing down my face as my own ISTE story began with my husband’s stroke in March. I have smiled, told people I was okay, acted excited about events when in reality, life has sucked lately. Her quote, “Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides,” really hit home. Without going into detail, let’s just say that my Facebook posts have not been about pedicures and fancy dinners. They have been about heartbreak and sadness. I want people to know that everything is not okay right now.

Now let’s talk booths and product. Apple was there for the first time in years and getting to the convention hall at 7am everyday was challenging. But seeing their presentations on Apple Classroom and Tuniversity/Garageband…so worth it. Then there was Google. Ed Tech Team did it again with amazing presenters at their booth. The final demo slam with Sylvia Duckworth beating Donnie Piercey was epic. Google had everyone in VR/AR land which was wicked cool. They give a damn good trainer/Innovator party too. There was enough inspiration from those three vendors to keep me thinking for the next year.

Except of course for the app everyone is talking about-Flipgrid. I love this app. Think about the opening credits of the Brady Bunch. This is what a Flipgrid looks like. And everyone topic becomes this blended family collaboration environment.

After much texting I did catch up with my favorite author Doug Robertson. Interesting that he was so hard to find as he is usually the loudest person in the convention.

Lastly, the book buzz is The Google Infused Classroom by Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith. My copy came this week. This book, along with Alice Keeler’s Google Classroom books are all you need to succeed with Google.

So there you have it. ISTE 2017 in a nutshell (or my nutshell). 2018 will be in Chicago and one hopes the Cubs are having a good season at that point. And I will need to begin dieting now to make room for the stuffed pizza I plan to consume.

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