Innovator-the Long and Winding Google Road

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Innovator-the Long and Winding Google Road

Waiting to find out if you made the most recent Google Innovator Cohort #WDC17 is painful. You check your email all day, hang out on Twitter, and pretend not to be doing these things while at work. I thought the date was yesterday. I instead got another surprise-I was invited to the Google Geo Institute in Mountain View. Yes, I’m going to the Mothership. In looking up ¬†the location on the map to find hotels I realize that the Googleplex is really a small city in itself. So why don’t they have a Google themed hotel and waterpark nearby?

I should mention that I first applied for the Ontario cohort last year. Rejected. The next one was in Mexico and since I don’t speak Spanish that was out although I was tempted to fake it. Then came London. Schedule one week before I was leaving for Australia. Bad timing. I really wanted to stay in the U.S. So now that I have been rejected for the DC cohort, I will be applying for Sydney. That would be awesome, just more expensive. Sydney is more my city anyway. I wish they would at least tell you what you need to improve.

The Geo Institute is¬†exciting because it looks like a lot of fun people are going and it was a positive I very much needed right now. I’m in the process of selling my house because of my husband’s stroke and it’s been a rough week. I have been “waiting” for one thing or another all week-the painter, the window guy, a guy who wants to buy my pinball machine. I really needed a non-stressful wait so it would have been nice of the Innovator judging panel to make this announcement this morning instead of later.

I can’t look at this as rejection. There are hundreds who don’t make it and many who try multiple times. And I get to go to Mountain View for the Geo Institute so how can I complain? I just wasn’t right for this Innovator cohort. My time will come. I already have a busy summer full of great PD planned with ISTE, Edtech Team’s Master Class World Tour, and the Google Geo Institute. It might just have been too much. And God always puts us where we belong.

I asked a teacher the other day what he felt was wrong with education. He said students lack emotional intelligence. They immediately feel rejected if they don’t get into the college they want, make the sports team, etc. He is right. So I need to practice emotional intelligence. Think of every “rejection” as a learning experience and an opportunity to do better the next time. If I want my students to do the same I have to set an example. So I am off to Mountain View, Chicago and San Antonio this summer but not DC. And with the current political climate I’m not sure I want to be in that city right now anyway. So I will wait patiently for my turn. Does anyone know if Google has a campus in Hawaii?

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