Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.”

According to wittybunny.com on Facebook, this is the quote that sums up my year 2017.  Wittybunny is one of those posts you click on and it analyzes your profile to make predictions. Some of them ring true, others are far off base. In either case, it’s one of those things you can’t help but try when they come up in your timeline.

In this case, it is very close to home. Last year was quite honestly the most challenging year of my life. I came very close to becoming a widow, had to go through selling my home of ten years, moving to an apartment, and then finding another suitable place to buy with my husband’s new disability challenges. I sold and purged belongings, which in itself was very cathartic. We will be starting a new adventure in a new home hopefully after the 16th. I could write a book on the hell that is escrow.

Therefore, I am looking forward to part two of this prediction. Beautiful places. I don’t think this applies to all the cities I will be visiting but I am hoping this is a spiritual and emotional prediction as well. I have chosen to take an Australian outlook to my life and the events of last year. I was reflecting on the old adage “You can look at the glass as half empty or half full-what kind of person are you?” Well, in Australia we know the saying is or should be “Is the keg half empty or half full?” Australians wouldn’t care either way because there is beer in the keg and that’s all that matters. The party can continue. So I am digging deep into my time spent in Australia and seeing things through a keg rather than a mere glass. Yes, last year sucked but I’m alive, my husband is alive, and even with life’s challenges we are able to move forward with the party.

This year will lead to exciting challenges for me professionally and I am looking forward to presenting at new conferences with different topics and of course, expanding my PLN. I will kick off my year in Visalia (not sure if I would describe it as beautiful) presenting on Hyperdocs at the Tulare County Tech Rodeo. I am looking forward to meeting John Spencer (not the dead actor, though that would be epic) who is my education video hero. Then I took a leap and decided to attend TCEA in Austin Texas in February instead of CUE in Palm Springs. I liked that TCEA offered a lot of Adobe workshops something that is severely lacking at CUE. The sessions were new and refreshing.

Google Summits for EdTechTeam are also in my schedule. I decided to go for doing three presentations per summit and applied for the Phoenix Summit so I could get a tax write off on a trip to see my parents. I’m not a fan of Arizona so this is the only way I will drive six hours in the desert to see them. Then there is the OC Summit in April. No travel needed, no brainer.

Finally, I had opted not to attend ISTE this year even though it is in Chicago and I’ll take any excuse to get a good pizza. Then I got the email that my poster session was accepted. So I will be Chicago bound in June after all and what is exciting is that the school is sending me with a tech guy to live stream my session. That alone has motivated me to go to the gym everyday because I’m not going live without losing ten pounds.

So here is my presentation schedule for the first six months:

January 13 Hyped Up For HyperdocsTulare County Tech Rodeo

February 4-7 TCEA Austin (attendee only)

February 6 Lights! Camera! Action! Video Tools to Make You and Your Students Look Like Pros!-Western Catholic Curriculum Summit, Garden Grove, CA

March 22-23  To Infinity and Beyond with Hyperdocs (Part 1 and 2); Lights! Camera! Action! Video Tools to Make You and Your Students Look Like Pros!
EdTech Team Google Summit, Phoenix, AZ

April 6-7  To Infinity and Beyond with Hyperdocs (Part 1 and 2); Lights! Camera! Action! Video Tools to Make You and Your Students Look Like Pros!
EdTech Team Google Summit, Orange County Department of Education, Costa Mesa, CA

June 25 Tips for Creating Professional Video for Your School’s Broadcasting Program-Poster Session ISTE 2018, Chicago.

Happy New Year to everyone and I look forward to seeing you at one of these events.


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