Focus on One Thing

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Focus on One Thing

First, I need to thank my lovely and smart daughter for creating my new website. It’s great to have your own webmaster who loves you and owes your for paying her outrageous car insurance while she is in college. Among other things!

Second, since becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer I have been overwhelmed by a number of things. The first being how little I don’t know about Google. Really, I read the posts in the trainer forum and I feel completely dumb. Then going to a seminar with Alice Keeler-now I have really been humbled.

I realize that I need to take the advice I give the teachers I train-focus on one thing. Get good at it, learn as much as you can then move to the next. I am competent in Google Docs and Forms. I think I got that for the most part. Now since I am passionate about student and teacher digital portfolios, Google Sites has become what I am going to use as my specialty for now. I am convinced that it is the way to go in this area. Now I have used Weebly and now WordPress for my own website, but what I am talking about is something different. It’s about sharing information and curating your best work. Here is the difference.

My website contains my blog, my presentations, some examples of my work. It’s the creative side of me. My Google Site, on the other hand is where I keep my notes from professional development sessions, conferences, and generally helps me keep track of my own learning experience. It’s my reference that I share with others and holds me accountable to my superiors for the professional experiences they are paying for-proof I was there and paid attention and that I am growing. My colleagues can look at my notes and we can compare.

Is it work to keep up both? Absolutely. Especially since I teach full time and right now I am the only one in my department (boy can I clear a room!) Keep in mind that I have to load much of this stuff in Blackboard as well for the classes I teach. I feel that it is worth it. And for the most part it’s fun.

So Google Sites is all I can manage right now. I am not even going to try to learn how to write scripts, or become a search expert. I will, but in time. I will focus my trainings on my favorite subject while learning everything there is to know about Sites. More to come…

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