Collaborative Google Videos? Say what?

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Collaborative Google Videos? Say what?

I will say it again. Collaborative Google Slide activities are my favorite go-to lesson and sub-plan. Lately I have been doing at least one collaborate Google activity a week. What I love is the ease of grading and presenting. One slide deck, one document, one anything. Then this week the light bulb went off in my head and I realized I could do this with my student videos. What you say? How?

Of course this light bulb went off AFTER my yearly observation so I did not get the chance to wow my principal. Heavy sigh. Next time.

Our school use Blackboard as a student learning management system. Now I hate Blackboard. I can do everything I want in Google Classroom but the school pays a lot of money for it and most colleges use it so I have to be a team player. I just hope I don’t get fired for admitting my dislike in this public forum.

My students turn in videos. Often in large formats which make for big files. And I can never open them in Blackboard. Therefore I have my students attach the link from Google Drive. Then I copy and paste each one to grade, go back to Blackboard fill out the rubric, blah, blah, blah. Very tedious.

I realize that instead of having the students turning them in individually I could just attach a Google Slide deck and the students could add their videos to the slide deck. Duh! Then all I would have to do is open on deck, present, and grade. I think students would be more apt to remember to turn in their work. No one wants their slide to be empty. It also would allow for the students to see others work, peer evaluate, and be more accountable with their work. Since I tend to get unbelievably great work when students collaborate, I would expect that this would improve their productions.

Now the light bulb has sparked a whole new way of looking at the potential of Collaborative Google Slides. I have even more ideas for how to use this. It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks as I experiment with this new found realization.

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