Be Uncomfortable

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Be Uncomfortable

March completely flew by and left me in the dust. I attended CUE 2016 and presented at the EdTech Google Summit in Pomona and NCEA 2016. During this time I realized one thing-we as teachers can never stop improving what we do. If you are a teacher who uses the same lesson plans year after year, we need to talk. Never stop striving to make them better. Already I have a number of updates I need to make in the three presentations I created. It would be awesome if I could just leave them in Google Drive and use them over and over without change. This cannot happen. Why? Because technology changes every day. Sometimes several times in one day. In just the last three weeks, Google has made several updates to their app (you can now see colored folders-yippee!) so I have to update that presentation. I also learned about some new e-portfolio solutions that I have to research. I am sure that I will have to change my opinions on some issues too after hearing some dynamic speakers who made me think about a different point of view.

My point is that we as teachers should never be comfortable with what we do. Yes, you can “learn it well” but you can never stop trying to make it better. Challenge yourself. Comfortable should be saved for furniture not for your teaching. How many articles do we see in the checkout line on how to spice up your marriage/relationship? Why would we not want to do this with our teaching? Our students deserve better. It’s okay to be uncomfortable and admit you don’t know everything. What’s important is that you try-it’s not like we are asking you to swim with the sharks in an open tank. I must admit it does feel like that sometimes, especially with the older kids. If you fail, that’s okay. Get up and try again-with adjustments. And when you finally get it right guess what? There will be something new and exciting to replace what you just mastered.

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