Another Great Summit

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Another Great Summit

I am sure you know by now that I am obsessed with HyperDocs. This method of delivering my lessons has completely changed the way I teach and the quality of work my students are submitting. No, I am not a generous grader, my students are just turning in quality work. It’s so exciting that after almost 15 years of teaching I have finally hit a homerun in the classroom. I was always confident about my ability to teach, and I loved my classes, but now I feel like I am transforming what is being done in the classroom. I have to thank all of my Twitter PLN mentors, especially those at #CatholicEdChat and EdTechTeam. Both are great groups of people. Here are some pictures of me spreading the Hyperdocs love in Coronado:

HyperdocPD1 HyperdocPD2

I have decided this needs to be a 2-day session with the first explaining the pedagogy and the second creating a hyperdoc. Hopefully I will get the chance in Temecula. I really can’t wait to be able to share my students’ work online. I just need to blur out some names and faces.

If you have the chance to join the EdTechTeam Hyperdoc Online book study in January, do it. Also check out my Hyperdoc unit template on my presentation page. I will be adding my Social Media multimedia text set there soon. I built it in the Hyperdoc book study that I am doing now. I should also mention I am taking an Adobe online animation class. What was I thinking? Both are fun and if you don’t know it already I am a PD junkie.

The Coronado Summit was incredible with Molly Schroeder being the lead. It included massages and a candy bar! Not to mention the beautiful setting and weather. Jim Sill gave a new keynote that was epic. I could go on. So I am hoping to blog regularly but I just get wrapped up in other things-like the new coloring craze. Markers are my new passion. If you have any thoughts on HyperDocs, please share and comment!

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