5th (Or 6th) Time’s a Charm

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5th (Or 6th) Time’s a Charm

I don’t know I lost count. I was using an After Effects template to create something for my Google Certified Innovator application video and I had to restart several times to get it to work. First it didn’t work on my PC, then my MacBook, then I botched a layer and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Finally, I put it in the video and realized I left out a picture. Oh, and then I used up all the space on my external hard drive so my media was every where which didn’t do great things for my render. However, each time I reloaded the template and started fresh I learned something new, figured something out, and the last time I had to rebuild it took me a half hour instead of a whole day. My point is, I didn’t give up.

And then there is the possibility I won’t get accepted which happens to most on the first try. I would prefer not to go through the application process again but I figure each time I apply I will produce a stronger application. This is what happened with my After Effects template. I think I finally get how to resize layers and create a typing effect with text.

You cannot look at these experiences as failure. We need to learn to pick ourselves up and try again. The same thing applies to our students-it the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality. We are so afraid our kids will never survive rejection! If they fail it’s a reflection of us.

I often use my own daughter as an example when I do presentations (oh yeah, she is thrilled!) not because she is amazing or because I was mother of the year. I think I got very lucky, she was a relatively easy child. But her early academic success led to some very difficult situations her sophomore year in high school. That is another blog post for another time. The result was she had to learn to fail, and accept she wasn’t going to excel as easy as she did in the past. It was this year she decided Honors and AP English and History were not in her future but she would go farther in math than all but one student in her graduating class. She focused on what she loved and created balance in her life.

If you want something badly enough, you have to come to terms with the possibility you might fail the first time. And that’s okay. It will make you try harder until you succeed. And that determination is what makes us remarkable.

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  1. I have to thank you for putting a name to those great effects that I see in people’s videos. My hat is off to you for even attempting to do one at all.

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