5 Tips for ISTE 2017

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5 Tips for ISTE 2017

Last year was my first ISTE conference. It was completely overwhelming. It was not only my first time at this conference, it was also my first visit to Denver. This year, I will be traveling to San Antonio for the event. As with any large conference,  you will go back to your hotel room every night with a migraine if you are not prepared. So here is my advice for all first timers.

  1. Don’t try and attend sessions all day long. Seriously, your head will explode. Pick a couple of really relevant ones for each day. You may even want to just focus on one topic, say coding or Google Apps. It’s good to go to different sessions on the same topic by different people to gain different perspectives. Also, find the educators you follow on social media to see them in person.
  2. Bring extra chargers, portable chargers, surge protectors, anything that will give you power. You will need it. Water and snacks also.
  3. I bring only one device other than my phone. Bad shoulders have taught me to travel lightly. My iPad Pro is perfect and I leave my laptop at home. If you have a session that requires one, then okay but all sessions will provide you with digital material. Spend your time listening to the presenter instead of typing every word they say. Unless you sketchnote. Then by all means draw and write!
  4. Network. This is the most valuable PD you will get. Go to CoffeeEdu with Alice Keeler. Yes it’s at 6 am but so worth it. Spend time in the Bloggers Cafe. Find your tribe. Stalk and hunt down the likes of Matt Miller, George Couros or Jennie Magiera. Don’t be shy and they don’t bite. Well, if you find Doug Robertson, he might bite…
  5. Visit the EdTechTeam booth and learn all there is to know about Google. They are the greatest people. And fun. It’s a party wherever they are. You can buy all the EdTechTeam books there as well.

I could add so many more tips. There are the ISTE ignite sessions. Ed Tech Karaoke. Several meetups hosted by vendors. Wear comfortable shoes. Cute shoes, but comfortable. Bring a sweater because it will be sweltering hot in San Antonio which means the air conditioning will be cranked in the rooms and if you are like me you may freeze. Don’t drink too much at night because ISTE and hangovers are just a bad combination. And you won’t be able to make it the next morning to CoffeeEdu.  Tweet constantly. Actually any social media is good. I could go on and on. Hope to see you there!

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